The blog is back! A preview…

Hi!  The blog took an unexpected hiatus.  Winter break turned into, well, all winter.  I got an adjunct teaching job at Texas A&M University Commerce, and once I was done preparing for my course I turned to preparing for two presentations at the National Association of School Psychologists annual convention.  Plus all those other things I had to do for my regular job, and for my family, and myself.  I missed this place though, and want to get back into it.

I won’t have new content in this post, but I have a few things I’m working on.  Here’s what you can expect to see in March and April (in no particular order).

  • At the conference my colleagues and I presented on counseling strategies for refugee and immigrant students, and we have been asked to share our advice with other educators.  When that work is done I will share it here as well.  I’ll also be posting resources about how to best support these families.
  • Here in Texas, state testing begins in a month.  I’ll share my advice about how to cope with the stress of testing (teachers’ stress and students’ stress) and what to do when a student has test anxiety.
  • I feel like my teachers need a lot of encouragement right now!  I’ll address those areas where my teachers seem to be getting frustrated or giving up so they feel confident that they will make it to the end of year and be successful.

Enjoy the end of February and the beginning of March!

Dr. Lisa

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