Election Day

In case you haven’t heard, the USA has a big election tomorrow.  My kids have been talking about it for a year, so I’m sure yours are too.  How do we, in schools, address this?

  1. Let your students talk.  Classrooms are safe spaces for kids, so they may use your class to talk about their thoughts, fears, and hopes- especially this week.
  2. Be objective, and optimistic.  Affirm your students’ feelings (“I can imagine why you would be worried about ___”), and whether you agree or not, try not to bring your own politics into it.  Reassure them that we will get through this election, and whatever the result is we will still be a country trying to do that’s right.


As for you, I hope you vote.  I hope you vote for not only what you think is best, but what you think will help your students and their families.  If you haven’t voted yet..

  1. Read the candidates’ platforms on education and other issues related to children and families, such as heath care and mental health.
  2. Research all levels of government.  State government has the strongest influence on education, so inform yourself on the views of those candidates.

That’s all I’ll say for today- like your classrooms, I’m keeping the blog neutral.  So take a deep breath and have a good week.


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